How Does Your Garden Grow?


Helllloooooo, out there in the blog-o-sphere. I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been spending so much time lately trying to figure out how to streamline content that I am never able to get anything up. Things shot from the end of last summer than never made it up (seemed silly to post an end of summer garden dinner party in the middle of December).

Rather than stress about editing and posting photos, I’m trying to re-invent the blog a bit so-to-speak. And part of it is adding more smaller projects, not just recipes.



Before this post even starts, we realized we put the fence in upside down and don’t care. so bye.

An on-going project that Brett and I are just starting this year is our new and improved garden. Yes, Brett’s thumbs have turned green and we dug up a huge chunk of our yard to plant a real vegetable garden. Honestly, I think he was just tired of me dragging him to the farmers market every weekend – $$$.


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Travel Diary – Block Island Anniversary


This year Brett and I were celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. He surprised me by booking a long weekend in Block Island, RI. I grew up going out there every summer and spending a lot of time exploring the island. I had also been begging Brett to go for YEARS. I was super excited to show him the place I had so many wonderful memories of and also re-explore the island with him, as an adult.


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Aji Verde (Peruvian Green Sauce)



Summer is winding down but I am just FIRING (my grill) BACK UP.

But really, i’ve been a grilling machine this summer. And one of my new weekly favorites is a nice steak with this Peruvian green sauce (also known as Aji Verde). In Peruvian restaurants it’s put out on table as a condiment, like salt and pepper. It’s literally delicious on EVERYTHING- chicken, steak, rice, potatoes etc.

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Coming soon



Guys, I have so much shot and ready to be edited/written up! I know, I know- summer + new baby. I’ve been off living the dream. Really, I just wanted to enjoy every minute. Working full time and trying to get the most out of our little girls first year was my priority. I haven’t stopped thinking about this blog though! And I have to say that I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

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So, readers……the year kind of got away from me!

After the fall I got engrossed in the holidays AND getting ready for baby. I plan to add some blogging about pregnancy/mom life very soon and give this blog a make over! Lots more home projects, baby things and of course FOOD! Now that I am able to cook again…..I ran out of energy with my pregnancy and of course had no time with a newborn.

Until I give this blog a bit of a boost here are the goods:

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Stress-free Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

Ok, I lied I will just post up this recipe today as I was already inquried about it and this week will be a busy one!

Nothing says fall like a nice big bowl of soup in an over-sized sweater on a crisp day. While the days here in New England are still pretty warm, the mornings and nights are starting to get a bit chilly- a clear indicator that fall days are just around the corner.

I have to apologize in advance for all my cellphone pictures. Since I started cooking and realized my DSLR battery was dead. I didn’t have time to wait!


One of my favorite soups to make is black bean. It has always been a favorite of mine and this recipe I make will keep things uncomplicated but 100% tasty.

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