Travel Diary – Block Island Anniversary


This year Brett and I were celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary. He surprised me by booking a long weekend in Block Island, RI. I grew up going out there every summer and spending a lot of time exploring the island. I had also been begging Brett to go for YEARS. I was super excited to show him the place I had so many wonderful memories of and also re-explore the island with him, as an adult.


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Aji Verde (Peruvian Green Sauce)



Summer is winding down but I am just FIRING (my grill) BACK UP.

But really, i’ve been a grilling machine this summer. And one of my new weekly favorites is a nice steak with this Peruvian green sauce (also known as Aji Verde). In Peruvian restaurants it’s put out on table as a condiment, like salt and pepper. It’s literally delicious on EVERYTHING- chicken, steak, rice, potatoes etc.

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Coming soon



Guys, I have so much shot and ready to be edited/written up! I know, I know- summer + new baby. I’ve been off living the dream. Really, I just wanted to enjoy every minute. Working full time and trying to get the most out of our little girls first year was my priority. I haven’t stopped thinking about this blog though! And I have to say that I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

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So, readers……the year kind of got away from me!

After the fall I got engrossed in the holidays AND getting ready for baby. I plan to add some blogging about pregnancy/mom life very soon and give this blog a make over! Lots more home projects, baby things and of course FOOD! Now that I am able to cook again…..I ran out of energy with my pregnancy and of course had no time with a newborn.

Until I give this blog a bit of a boost here are the goods:

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Stress-free Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

Ok, I lied I will just post up this recipe today as I was already inquried about it and this week will be a busy one!

Nothing says fall like a nice big bowl of soup in an over-sized sweater on a crisp day. While the days here in New England are still pretty warm, the mornings and nights are starting to get a bit chilly- a clear indicator that fall days are just around the corner.

I have to apologize in advance for all my cellphone pictures. Since I started cooking and realized my DSLR battery was dead. I didn’t have time to wait!


One of my favorite soups to make is black bean. It has always been a favorite of mine and this recipe I make will keep things uncomplicated but 100% tasty.

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Gender Reveal Party

We had a lot of excitement here last weekend. Since I really only get to throw this kid one party until over a year from now I really wanted to do a gender reveal party. Some people think they are cheesy but, WHY NOT. I love having little parties and what better excuse to get a delicious cannolli filled cake?

Brett and I already had our feelings it was going to go a certain way this week but we still had some doubt.

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