Olive’s Birth Story

A lot have asked for me to share Olive’s birth story and I’m so excited to sit down and finally write it up along with some notes about my pregnancy leading up to her birth. It’s wild to me that she is already 2 months old (going on 3) and I’m back at work full time!

Be prepared this is a long post and I’m also sharing some personal photos/video here that I haven’t shared before.

**As a warning: this post will contain mildly graphic language describing pregnancy and childbirth and some potentially triggering images/video**

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Tomato Risotto

Late summer/early fall is here and the tomatoes are plentiful! We don’t have as much of a large garden as we have in the past but we still snuck in a few tomato plants amongst our herbs and a few jalapeños. This recipe I tried last summer and it’s just so good with all those fresh ingredients. If you aren’t growing your own, like us, you can always skip down to your local farmers market or even a lot of grocery stores sell local fresh this time of year! But hurry quick tomato season is always plentiful but over in a flash!

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