Hi, I'm Alexis.
Hi, I’m Alexis.

Why am I making this blog? Mostly because I like to reflect from time to time and share my thoughts and ideas, as random as they may be. I wanted a place I could share my favorite recipes, hobbies and projects. In turn i’m hoping this blog could help motivate me to do more of those things!

Me? I am a 30 something graphic designer who works in the publishing industry. I love art, music, food (OK I get it- who doesn’t). 5-year-old Weimaraner named Portia and a 11-ish-year-old cat named Martini who are frenemies until the end. And then there is my husband- of whom I’ve been with for over 15 years and married for 6 (but feels like 400).

This blog? I’m not entirely sure what it will focus on until I really get going. What I can promise you is-

  • Lots of yummy food, almost never my original recipe but a collection of things I’ve found in books and on the internet. Basically, my own personal pinterest test lab. Probably with some fails.
  • Lots of pictures of my dog and our adventures. With the new addition of my daughter.
  • Hopefully some fun DIY projects. Our house is a constant project and I have so many un-done ideas for it.
  • Typos and grammar errors. I am not a writer. I went to school for art. I’m srory.



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