Christmas Recap with Cranberry + White Chocolate Cookies

Happy Holidays readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and is ready to celebrate the New Year! I, for one, had a fantastic holiday. We hosted brunch this year, as we have the last 2 years since Ro was born. It’s just easier to keep her home and have our families come to us. I also love entertaining, we don’t have a lot of space but we try to make it work!

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Italian Carrot Cake

Easter is upon us a bit earlier than usual and if you’re like me and always looking for a fresh new take on the usual suspects around the holidays– then this carrot cake is for you.


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Chocolate Cherry Blondies

IMG_1907 copy header.jpg


It's cherry season y'all. I'm sure you've seen it at your local grocery store (or not because they have been going fast around here) cherries are everywhere!

Now, I've admitted in the past that I am not a great baker. Sure..sure…my skills have been improving over the years but personally, I just get aggravated with it more time than not. In fact writing up recipes for this blog are difficult sometimes as in my mind 2 tsp = just throw some stuff in a pan. Baking definitely tests my patience, but I digress.

When I am baking, because- who doesn't like the occasional tasty sweet treat? I am always looking for easy, quick and minimum ingredient recipes.


Cue: The Chocolate Chip Cherry Blondie. My new summer time staple. I can barely keep these in the house as my husband has been secretly demolishing them when I go to bed.

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Flour-less Dark Chocolate Espresso Cake

Espresso cake 118

Happy Sunday readers! I know I’ve been a bit radio silent on you and it’s because spring is (sort of) here and there are lots of changes about! My husband started a new job this week, which has left us a bit out of sorts. Having him getting up and ready at the same time as me in the morning is leaving me rather flustered in the mornings (and questioning why we ever thought 1 bathroom would be enough for the 2 of us in this house).

With that my focuses have and will be shifting a bit from cooking to some more projects around the house. Trying to get myself organized and finish these projects! 2 weeks ago we went through and cleaned out our home office. It was a disaster- you know, that one room everyone has where they just put things that you can’t find a home for. Well we organized it and I went out and bought us a fresh new carpet and some wall mounts for my husbands guitars. He has about 5 that just sit on floor stands. In a small room with 2 huge desks and a big bookcase that doesn’t leave much room for walking.

Espresso cake 090 copy


It’s a small step, but we’re going to get going now!

My next project was going to be to spruce up our living room but with all the commotion in the mornings I think I will have to rethink my bathroom (and where I keep all my makeup and hair product- Brett’s going insane!).

On thing that has been nice is I’ve taken a few Friday’s off from work to use up some extra vacation time. It’s been nice to have an extra day to my weekend to clean, run errands and of course- cook! Last Friday I turned up my tunes and decided to make a flour-less dark chocolate cake. I don’t know why the recipe caught my eye, as I’m not much of a baker.¬† Continue reading

Pistachio Lemon Biscotti

mushroom pistachio 070 copy

I am so sorry I haven’t been keeping up on my personal rule to update this weekly. I’ve had things sitting in my archives ready to be written up but I’ve got the winter itch and even though it’s cold and snowy out. I’ve been trying to keep busy…Not to mention last weekend House of Cards Season 3 was released and every second I get to watch that I have been.

Now today we are getting hit with yet another storm (hopefully our last). And since my office is closed as of now, I am stuck at home and avoiding starting up netflix to continue my HoC marathon to share these delicious biscotti with you!

mushroom pistachio 073 copy

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Cinnamon Almond Cupcakes

cupcakes and cod 087 copy texxtBATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! BLIZZARD JUNO IS UNDERWAY!!!



In case you live under a rock- the east coast is getting hit by a massive blizzard tonight and into tomorrow. Everywhere I look (online) I see headlines like- New York Getting Hit With Potentially Record Breaking Storm…and blah blah blah. YEAH, We get it- no one cares about us in the outlying areas of NYC. I live in Southern Connecticut about an hour from NYC, but nooooo ones looking there. Honestly, I have no sympathy for NYC dwellers (sorry ya’ll) but you have seamless and a convince¬†store on every block. Me? I’ll be eventually digging out my car IF the roads are cleared maybe by…some time tomorrow evening…???.

Ok, enough complaining. I live in New England and I should deal, but these types of storms still stuck. Especially when you have a dog who needs to still go outside as much as she does on beautiful sunny days. Sigh.

Anyways, let’s flashback to last week. When I was commenting on what a mild winter we have been having (I know, I jinxed the entire north east). One of my favorite work ladies was having a quarter life birthday (Happy Birthday again B!) and I knew I had to make some tasty treats for her birthday at the office.

cupcakes and cod 098

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