Ricotta Tomato Toast


End of tomato season usually means an overabundance of tomatoes in my house. Morning, noon, and night we have to incorporate them somehow! We definitely let the garden slack this year but we still have beautiful tomatoes coming out of the overgrown mess. Continue reading

Christmas Recap with Cranberry + White Chocolate Cookies

Happy Holidays readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and is ready to celebrate the New Year! I, for one, had a fantastic holiday. We hosted brunch this year, as we have the last 2 years since Ro was born. It’s just easier to keep her home and have our families come to us. I also love entertaining, we don’t have a lot of space but we try to make it work!

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Aji Verde (Peruvian Green Sauce)



Summer is winding down but I am just FIRING (my grill) BACK UP.

But really, i’ve been a grilling machine this summer. And one of my new weekly favorites is a nice steak with this Peruvian green sauce (also known as Aji Verde). In Peruvian restaurants it’s put out on table as a condiment, like salt and pepper. It’s literally delicious on EVERYTHING- chicken, steak, rice, potatoes etc.

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Gender Reveal Party

We had a lot of excitement here last weekend. Since I really only get to throw this kid one party until over a year from now I really wanted to do a gender reveal party. Some people think they are cheesy but, WHY NOT. I love having little parties and what better excuse to get a delicious cannolli filled cake?

Brett and I already had our feelings it was going to go a certain way this week but we still had some doubt.

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Super Bowl Sunday (Pulled Pork)

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s super bowl Sunday!snowday 2015 032 copy

It’s that time of year again, for all sports fans to get together, eat, drink, watch commercials…and oh- is there a sporting event or something??

I like watching football but I definitely enjoy the food slightly a bit more. I’m heading to a party today where I am promised tasty drinks and lots of pickings! Of course, I wanted to contribute to the goods so I decided to make and share with you the pulled pork recipe I have been using for some time now. It’s always a hit. My friend Stacey (who is also my blog proof-reader) graciously shared this recipe with me years ago and it always goes over well.

snowday 2015 005 copy

There isn’t anything too fancy about it. It really all lies in the dry rub that you use and leave on for a while. So you have to prepare in advance! I left my dry rub on this time for a day and a half. Sometimes I will shorten it to just about 12 hours (overnight).

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All The Dips

holiday party 2014 022 copyAs part of my post-holiday round-up I wanted to include a post about all the little picking foods I made for my holiday party. While all of them tasty- I combined them into one post as I made them all simultaneously. I think a big part of holiday entertaining, or any entertaining for that matter, is being able to multi-task dishes.

The morning of my party I was in the midst of making my Pumpkin White Bean Turkey Chili (no post in the near future as the picture I took were minimal) I began preparing the rest of my “spread”…

While spinach artichoke dip (THE BEST) and bruschetta aren’t the most challenging things to make, lets also add in that my vegan friend suddenly confirmed his attendance to my party and I wanted to make sure I had more than Bruschetta¬†and lettuce to feed him (I know I sound totally narrow minded to vegan-eating but, at that moment that was about all I had in my house).

Then I remembered I was given an eggplant and happen to have tahini, lemon ect. ect…to make babaganoush. So, with that in mind I set forth to make “all the dips” simultaneously.

Recipes at the end of this post.

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