Dining Room Makeover Phase 1

When we bought our home in October I had so many visions for it. One of the main priorities I had was to get the dining room set up for entertaining over the holidays.

Now of course, I love our house. So many old colonial details in the molding and floors, sconces, but the previous owners seems to love one thing I don’t….Blue. The baby blue molding in the dining room was killing me. There were some interesting color choices in other areas of the house, like the lime green half bath and a few others, but I could live with those. In fact, I still do for the most part. But this blue in a dining room. I just could not. I SHALL NOT. And luckily, I didn’t.

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Father’s Day Surf and Turf

IMG_3933 copy TITLE

It’s Father’s Day, Y’all (that’s an ironic ‘Y’all’ as I am not from the south). So, I guess that means once a year we have to get off our high horses and pretend that the men in our lives are deserving of our praise and appreciation. Insert: massive eye roll.

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So, readers……the year kind of got away from me!

After the fall I got engrossed in the holidays AND getting ready for baby. I plan to add some blogging about pregnancy/mom life very soon and give this blog a make over! Lots more home projects, baby things and of course FOOD! Now that I am able to cook again…..I ran out of energy with my pregnancy and of course had no time with a newborn.

Until I give this blog a bit of a boost here are the goods:

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Christmas Is In The Air!

Christmas decorating 030 copy

Christmas is in the air…or maybe it’s my Christmas Wreath Yankee Candle…

So, maybe I’m a bit behind but I’ve had Christmas on the mind since Nov 28th. And after a not-so-quick dining room painting project delayed my decorations…I finally got cracking.

This year I felt a delay in getting in the holiday spirit. So much has been going on and even though it feels like they start advertising and decorting for the holiday earlier and earlier…I can’t help but feel a bit rushed…slow down! Don’t come yet!

Christmas decorating 035 copy

With the days not slowing down anytime soon for me and Christmas now less than 2 weeks away it was time to bust out my trusty “X-MAS” bin. It’s a bunch of random stuff I have collected over the year, this year I felt it a bit lacking so perhaps a trip to my local home goods and christmas tree shop is in order to revamp my collection.

Christmas decorating 043 copy Christmas decorating 037 copy

Either way, tonight we cranked out holiday tunes. Poured some red wine and decorated!

Christmas decorating 002 copy

All I want for Christmas is a fixed iPhone screen…

Now that I am in full swing of getting in the holiday spirit (I even bought some gifts this week!). I am of course planning my holiday Christmas party and what goodies I will prepare for it. This weekend I’m hoping to get down to the meat market in New Haven to find some small whole chickens (Perdue- I love you but, 2 people can’t keep buying 10lb chickens for dinner and i can never find smaller at the loca grocery store), pork shoulders and possibly…….some rabbit and duck? (My dad is really pressuring me on those ones and I want to do it).

Christmas decorating 029 copyChristmas decorating 018 copy

Keep your eyes posted later this weekend because i’m fixin’ to make Pork Rillettes to have over the next few weeks of parties and holiday festivities. Until then…enjoy my tree…

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