Chicken and Dumplings with Leeks and Tarragon

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I told you fall recipes were coming. Now that the chill has really started to set in (I won’t complain- summer held on for a while) I have busted out all my big hit fall recipes in the last few weeks. Brett doesn’t know what has hit him- we go from fresh salads and grilled chicken to straight up soups, stews, pot roasts.

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Potato Corn Chowder with Crusty Homemade Bread

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It’s fall y’all!

Funny story- I once went to  TJ Maxx and found a candle that said “it’s fall y’all” on it. I got so excited but it fell out of my cart and smashed on the floor. I then awkwardly stood around the end of the aisle looking for someone who worked there because of the broken glass and I felt bad I broke merchandise in my excitement. When I finally found someone and alerted them to the glass and offered to pay, they didn’t seem to care (ok cool I’ll spend my $5 on more random stuff) and just walked away unphased. The sad part is that this was 2 years ago and I still think about that adorablely graphic “it’s fall y’all! on a perfect fall scented candle that I have never come across again. R.I.P- my basic chick candle bliss.


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Stress-free Vegetarian Black Bean Soup

Ok, I lied I will just post up this recipe today as I was already inquried about it and this week will be a busy one!

Nothing says fall like a nice big bowl of soup in an over-sized sweater on a crisp day. While the days here in New England are still pretty warm, the mornings and nights are starting to get a bit chilly- a clear indicator that fall days are just around the corner.

I have to apologize in advance for all my cellphone pictures. Since I started cooking and realized my DSLR battery was dead. I didn’t have time to wait!


One of my favorite soups to make is black bean. It has always been a favorite of mine and this recipe I make will keep things uncomplicated but 100% tasty.

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This Post Will Make You Weep

Weep with tears of………..‘OHMYGODONIONSBURN’french onion 115

The days here in Connecticut are getting increasingly (or is it decreasingly?) cold and the last few mornings I woke up with a frosted over lawn (Portia is also not too happy about this either).

french onion 046crop

“cold weather makes me make sad old man faces.”

So- what better way to warm up a cold weekend afternoon with one of my favorites, French Onion Soup. It’s got everything! Soup, bread and CHEESE. (Are you sensing a theme yet? good.)

I used my handy-dandy Slice-o-Matic my mom bought me for christmas last year. It’s basically like a……cheesy made-for-tv mandolin. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to put it together but it was worth it! Slicing 2lbs of onions is NOT for the faint of heart eyes and even though I was plowing through them my eyes were still burning so bad. I’ve heard numerous tricks to helping ease the pain of chopping onions. Since the……you know what, just read this if you really want to understand why they burn your eyes.

So, since I don’t have cool chemistry goggles I like to wear my Versace sunglasses and chop them next to a running faucet. It’s not 100% fool-proof but it helps.

It also makes me look really bad ass while chopping onions.


french onion 032

french onion 040

This is our- “pretending not to be interested in the bread” face.

I also bought some fresh french bread to cut up and make into big croutons. You can toast them up as you are cooking your soup. I made a bunch extra for left overs as well.

french onion 051

On top of all of this I was finally able to use my soup crocks that I bought with a Crate and Barrel gift card 3 years ago and have been anxiously awaiting use. I know, I’m horrible. I then spent the rest of the afternoon wondering why I bought 6 of them when 2 people live in this house.ehhhhhhhh…. SOUP PARTY SOON!? ok, maybe.

french onion 100

french onion 111

All in all it was a delicious afternoon. And as I sat enjoying my soup with envious eyes I was already dreaming up soups to come for the long winter ahead.

french onion 118

Portia’s Tip: Portia wants all you dog owners to know that while French Onion soup is delicious it is not suitable for dogs to have onions. In fact, among other food items you may commonly cook with, onions are in fact toxic to your canine pals. So be mindful of where your food is being prepared and subsequently dropped on the floor. My Dog Ate Onion- What Now?

french onion 071 crop

No matter how much that face wants it. Don’t let them have it. In turn though, Portia was able to enjoy a little Swiss cheese for being such a good kitchen assistant today.

french onion 124

Recipe here-

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