Lemon & Butter Salmon Foil Packs

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Summer is so super busy for us this year. We have a lot going on. Even to the point where we barely have time to sit down for meal all together let alone even be home for dinner. I feel like nomads in our house. The garden is going well but honestly, hasn’t been as good as it could be (update soon!). We’ve been traveling and working on other projects that it’s been overtaken by some pests. Nothing too bad, we are still getting more than enough produce we want, just maybe not as visually pleasing. RIP CUCUMBERS.

Anyways, one of my favorite things to throw together on a busy summer night are these salmon foil packs. They take minutes to put together and require essentially no cooking skills or time. Just throw them in the oven or on the grill and –blam- done.


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Pan Roasted Cod with Tomatoes, Thyme and Lemon


Can I amend the title of the post to say “and a sh*t-load of butter”?

In all seriousness the recipe I originally adapted this from had over twice the amount of butter (and half the garlic. le gasp. sacrilege).  And I had to draw the line and say enough it enough. It takes a lot for me to draw those kinds of lines, especially with butter.

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Weeknight Dinners: Baked Cod with Sour Cream, Parmesan and Dill Topping

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I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day. Whether you are flying solo this year or not Valentines day still comes. I am obviously married but I never give the day too much attention. It all seems so trivial and I feel like if you need to amp up your game just for one day rather than treat yo lady right year round, why bother?

Either way my Valentine made me a heart-shaped red velvet cake when I got home from my waitressing job last evening (In a blizzard non the less). It was pretty cute an unexpected, red velvet was our wedding cake and is appropriately valentines day themed.


He fully admits he is not good at piping, but who am I to judge? I’m not better myself.  A+ for effort.

This past Friday evening we also went out with some friends (sad to see you go back to AZ so soon Lauren and Chris!) to a bar I enjoy because it takes a while to go through their drink menu. The mixology is real, but in the past I’ve spent too many evenings there trying different things and subsequently ending up with a terrible hangover. So, we played it safe and opted for dirty martinis, bourbon and champagne (not all together).

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