Herbed Goat Cheese Mushroom Toasts

You heard me right. Goat Cheese + Mushroom on crusty toasted sourdough bread. Heaven. The only thing that could make it better…oh right some bright fresh herbs to balance the richness…but… oh my…it’s got that too?! Winning.


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Lemon & Butter Salmon Foil Packs

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Summer is so super busy for us this year. We have a lot going on. Even to the point where we barely have time to sit down for meal all together let alone even be home for dinner. I feel like nomads in our house. The garden is going well but honestly, hasn’t been as good as it could be (update soon!). We’ve been traveling and working on other projects that it’s been overtaken by some pests. Nothing too bad, we are still getting more than enough produce we want, just maybe not as visually pleasing. RIP CUCUMBERS.

Anyways, one of my favorite things to throw together on a busy summer night are these salmon foil packs. They take minutes to put together and require essentially no cooking skills or time. Just throw them in the oven or on the grill and –blam- done.


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Lemon + Artichoke Chicken

Finally, it’s happening! Man, this simple recipe had so many of you blowing up my Instagram. Sliding into my DM’s, if you will, in a non-creepy way. I’m not complaining, I love getting feedback and getting to know what people want to see. It just surprised me as this meal is so easy to throw together. 99% of the time this is my “I need to get dinner on the table in under 30 min” meal, so I always have the ingredients on hand. 

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Falafel Fritters with Lemon Yogurt Sauce


Tiny secret- I love falafel. In fact, I love pretty much all middle eastern food (I’m looking at you hummus). I’m pretty lucky to live near some pretty great middle eastern restaurants that I frequent on busy weeknights when I don’t have time to cook. But with summer here and my desire for everything to be “fresh,” I opted to make my own falafel fritters at home, and they did not disappoint. In fact…I’m not sure if I can ever head back to my favorite falafel spot as I may have outdone them (in my opinion of course).

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