Lemon & Butter Salmon Foil Packs

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Summer is so super busy for us this year. We have a lot going on. Even to the point where we barely have time to sit down for meal all together let alone even be home for dinner. I feel like nomads in our house. The garden is going well but honestly, hasn’t been as good as it could be (update soon!). We’ve been traveling and working on other projects that it’s been overtaken by some pests. Nothing too bad, we are still getting more than enough produce we want, just maybe not as visually pleasing. RIP CUCUMBERS.

Anyways, one of my favorite things to throw together on a busy summer night are these salmon foil packs. They take minutes to put together and require essentially no cooking skills or time. Just throw them in the oven or on the grill and –blam- done.


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Spring 2018 Garden Update

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We are back at it! The garden!! We had so much fun planning, growing, harvesting and sharing our garden with everyone last year we couldn’t wait to get going this year. We were even able to salvage a lot of seeds from last years vegetables to replant this year.

It’s memorial day weekend so I thought I’d give a quick update on what we have set up for the summer. In this post, I’m going to be sharing photos I’ve taken on my phone over the last 4 weeks during planting and prep and then some I took this past weekend to show everything a little more “at home”. Continue reading

Potato Corn Chowder with Crusty Homemade Bread

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It’s fall y’all!

Funny story- I once went to ¬†TJ Maxx and found a candle that said “it’s fall y’all” on it. I got so excited but it fell out of my cart and smashed on the floor. I then awkwardly stood around the end of the aisle looking for someone who worked there because of the broken glass and I felt bad I broke merchandise in my excitement. When I finally found someone and alerted them to the glass and offered to pay, they didn’t seem to care (ok cool I’ll spend my $5 on more random stuff) and just walked away unphased. The sad part is that this was 2 years ago and I still think about that adorablely¬†graphic “it’s fall y’all! on a perfect fall scented candle that I have never come across again. R.I.P- my basic chick candle bliss.


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Weeknight Dinners: Pesto Chicken Pasta

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Happy Tuesday! I don't know about most of you, but after the weekend and getting overly prepared for Monday, Tuesday is when I start losing steam. If I don't have something easy and planned out I might as well just order take-out. I know, I know- it's only Tuesday…but for some reason that's my big hump day.

This summer, since we have a plentiful amount of basil, I have been making pesto at least once a week. We have a big bag of pine nuts at our disposal so it makes for a fast…um…sauce? condiment?…what does one consider pesto?

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