Garden 2019 Spring Update

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THE TIME HAS COME- Garden 2019 is well underway. We’ve had so much rain in the few weeks since I took these photographs the garden looks totally different now. This post will be filled with what we’ve been up to this Spring! We’re always trying new things and testing out different things. We never, ever, claim to be professional gardeners- just hobbyist. Continue reading

Duck à l’Orange

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I’m just going to come right out and say it. I don’t know why I find cooking birds of a feather so challenging…or well…daunting. This all stems back from my Thanksgiving post and roasting my first turkey. I stress about it, thinking about it sitting in my refrigerator for a week and then when it comes time to cook it….it’s so easy.

Before Christmas, my dad and I had been discussing how the supermarket by my house had a ton of frozen ducks (and rabbits) and how you don’t often find them in your average shop. So, recently when I noticed they had been slowly declining in numbers, I decided to buy one….with absolutely no plans in mind.

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So of course I texted my dad- “I bought a duck!!…..what the hell do I do with it?” and he sent me 4 recipes a la Jacques Pépin. 3 of them required actually cutting up the duck into pieces but one of course was the tried and true- Duck à l’Orange. Since I didn’t want to disassemble my duck on the first go with it I knew I had to go with the basics.

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And wouldn’t you know it, roasting the duck was the easiest part. Since my duck came with an “orange sauce packet” in it i quickly tossed it in the trash (just kidding, I put it aside in case all this blew up in my face) and opened up my recipe that was sent to me.

The sauce itself takes a lot of prep and about halfway through I thought- “No wonder people would just use the pre made sauce packet”. But I imagine it far less tasty. Or maybe it would be just as good but it wouldn’t have that distinct taste of “i just spent 2 hours prepping a sauce to go on the side”.

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I was please that you do use every bit of the duck, you trim off the wing tips and sauté them with the gizzards and neck. Poor Portia who usually gets the neck of the chicken/turkey had to settle for a carrot.

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